Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Littlest Bookworm (at 16-17 months)

Bobby loves books more than any other toy!  He flips through them the whole time we are in the van. He is just like Hannah in this respect.  When she was a wee one we kept a box of books in the car at all times, just like we once again do.

Adorable matching expressions!
He loves for his siblings to read to him, but it is rare that Judah can fool him into believing the story is being read.  A favorite thing among his siblings is how he hands them a book, turns around, and backs into their laps.

His favorite books are Robert the Rose Horse (which is way too long for his age, but he'll sit through that whole book forever and a day,) Little Blue Truck Leads the Way, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and My Sparkling Nursery Rhymes.  He knows at least one sign, word or sound for almost every page of all of those books.

Bobby spots stars, moons, trees, and suns wherever we go.  He recognizes all animals and calls most of them by the sound they make.  He is the first of the babies in our family to not be afraid of big dogs, except for the girls because they had dogs in the house at this age.  His Achilles Heel is the Chewbacca mask.  That scares him to death.

He's getting his molars in and it's been a long process.  He's gotten really picky about foods again, but that usually passes once those teeth all get in and stop bothering my poor baby.  They top two have broken through, but the bottom two have whites showing just under the gums.  They've been swollen for weeks.

His newest word is "Dinnertime!"  But he is copying many words that we say.  The trouble he seems to have is not initiating speech when he has a need.  He turns to signs if he knows the sign, but many times he will not say the word for what he is wanting.  This is causing a lot of frustration on his part.  If I guess wrong, he screams.  If I guess right, he shrugs his shoulders up and down and says, "Uh huh."  

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