Sunday, January 29, 2017

Gutenberg and the Printing Press

We went to Mainz with our friends to visit the Gutenberg museum.  There is a lot to look at there, including two of the first Gutenberg Bibles.  There are many displays with descriptions that are in both English and German.  They show a video about Gutenberg and the development of the printing press in English at certain times.  We also watched a demo of the printing press, although it was all in German.

The individual letter molds

After the demo

Gutenberg statue

Hannah, my true bibliophile seemed to really enjoy this day trip.  She kept wishing her friends from Maryland could see this or that which was sweet.  She took a few pictures to send to them.  She doesn't enjoy many of our trips lately so it was good to see her happy about one.

St. Boniface statue
We have read about him and learned about his major invention and how it revolutionized society and this was a great field trip to actually see a printing press.

Luckily, these boys had each other because they really didn't care one bit about the printing press.

Of course, there is always this wherever we go, but usually not quite so much.  They both argued with us that it is about what they'd normally drink at a meal with all the sharing and size of the mugs taken into account.

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