Saturday, January 7, 2017


Bob's in love with his sisters.  He's been diving for them, calling for them, although he still calls them both Hannah unless we remind him to pronounce that "G' sound.  Sometimes he even wants them over me.  I think it's great, and they do as well until they can't get away from him to do their work or read their own books.  He especially wants them when we are out on trips and he is locked in the Ergo with me all day.  The first chance he gets, he goes to one of them and does not want me to take him back.  Problem is they get so tired carrying him that it doesn't last long.

Guess who got these smiles?  Hannah!

Drew told me the other day in the van that he wants to be smarter than Isaac, Hannah, and Genevieve.  I told him that he'd have to learn to read first.  Reading unlocks all the knowledge in the world.  He is on around lesson 35 in his 100 Easy Lessons to Read book.  He's doing well.  I just though it was quite humorous that he wants to be smarter than his big brother and sisters.

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