Thursday, January 19, 2017

Craft Crazy

Drew is obsessed with crafts lately.  He asks me constantly to do a craft.  I love crafts, don't get me wrong, but I am so busy these days that I can't see straight (I can't even make time for my sewing or blogging hobbies!)  So, my solution has been to give him mostly crafts he can do on his own,  This has been working until the other day when he said, "Mom, can I do a craft that I don't do by myself?  That you have to do with me?"

Be still my heart!  How can you resist that?  I've been really bothered by the fact lately that there are just not enough hours in the day for me to get everything done.  I was rocking Bobby and praying with him and it hit me.  One day I will most likely have time to do all of the important things and even get to my hobbies again, but guess what I am going to want then?  To hold someone's baby.  To read books to someone's baby.  To do crafts with someone's baby.  Why in the world wouldn't I just enjoy, without the thought of my to do list, these moments holding my own baby, reading books to my own baby, and doing crafts with my own baby now when I can?  I know this, but I needed a reminder.  And I'm here to tell you that if you come to my house, I will not have it all together and in the shape that I like.  I will not be on top of things because I am choosing to love on my babies rather than have the perfect house and the to do list checked off.  I'll always have a to do list anyway.

Back to my story about crafting with Drew.  I had to literally schedule it in for the coming Sunday because Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were just too packed with events, but Sunday it could be done.  I pinned a few ideas of things that wouldn't take all day and we already had the supplies for (the latter is always tricky.)  We ended up doing one craft that we couldn't finish that day (finished the next day though) because the glitter glue wouldn't dry and then we made a snowman out of an old sock.  I did most of the work on that one because it required a hot glue gun, but he and Isaac both were just happy to be helping where they could.  Isaac told me all day long how "cute" their snowman was.

And there he sits, amongst the Advent calendars and O Antiphons.

This coming week is the week before Christmas.  We are taking it easy on school and only finishing up some units in a few subjects.  I plan to hug my babies a lot and to focus on Advent activities and prayers.  Go hug your babies too, because let me tell you, if you don't already know, they don't stay cute and little for long.  Soon big problems and attitudes will be coming your way.  I'd take a baby who requires all of my time and physical energy to a preteen/teen who requires all of my emotional energy any day of the week and twice on Sunday.


Leah Boatwright said...

I feel the same way about having a laundry list and spending time with Turner. Those things will get done eventually... :)

Mary Kirby said...

Great reminder. Miss you all!