Monday, January 23, 2017

Pizza in Judah's Bed?

I was woken up at 2:30am by Isaac who said, "Mom, Judah needs you.  He says there's pizza in his bed."  I roll out of bed and about the time I get to the top of the stairs it registers in my sleepy mind what I had just heard.  Then as I open his door I realize what he means by pizza in his bed as soon as the smell hits me.  He threw up in his sleep.  He didn't eat pizza the night before, he wasn't hungry for his dinner so he just ate some veggies and hummus.  Red bell peppers and carrots, to be more specific. Hence, the smell of pizza came from the bell peppers.  Judah was adamant that he didn't throw up.  Someone must have put the pizza there.  So sweet!  After a bath and making him a bed on the floor in my room with a trash can, he was wide awake.  He threw up about once an hour for the rest of the night and by 8am was feeling pretty good.

Two nights later I awoke to the sound of puking.  It was Judah in my bathroom.  The sweet boy has never ever gotten out of his bed in his life without someone telling him he could.  If he needs to go potty he always calls for me.  I had stressed the night before that if he ever wakes up and needs to throw up that he can get out of his bed and go to the potty without waiting for someone to come to him.  I was so insanely proud that he made it to the potty before throwing up.  On the other hand, I was concerned about why he'd have thrown up again when he appeared to be better and over the stomach bug that I thought he'd had two nights before.  That was the only time he got sick that day.  What's worse is that he did it again two nights later, this time in his sleep again.  It was much messier and he had to be sprayed down with the shower head.  He hates that even on a good day, but in the middle of the night he was hysterical.  Poor thing was pitiful.  This ended up being the end of it all, but I was worried about him.  We cut out dairy for a week again to give his stomach time to settle and recover.  He was not happy about that.  I am thinking maybe his stomach couldn't take the dairy when it was already inflamed from the virus.  He gradually started back up with dairy about a week or so later and has had no more trouble.

Judah says some pretty clever, if slightly misguided, things these days.  His new thing to say when he doesn't want to do something is, "I'm three.  I don't understand."  Unfortunately, he heard this from me tell the older kids not to argue with him about dumb stuff because, "He's three, and he doesn't understand."  Oops!

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