Monday, January 30, 2017

Souflenheim Day Trip: Crepe Edition

Our best traveling buddies came to stay with us for a few days before we set out for a trip to Belgium together.  One of those days was a ladies'day out.  We went to Souflenheim, France, a pottery village.  I've been there before with Brian and got a few pieces.  Since then I'd heard about this amazing creperie and thought that would be a fun day trip with my France-loving friend.  We went and I came home with this beauty...

It is big enough to feed my family and it has an Alsatian stork on it, which were my two goals.  It is supposed to fit in my oven if I take out all of the trays and turn it diagonal.  We'll see!  I haven't tried it yet.  They had it on display in a tiny oven so I am hoping it will work.  If not it'll have to wait until we get back to the land of everything big, AKA the USA.

The creperie was delicious and I really want to go back during spargel season now because they have a spargel crepe on the menu that is only served during that time. Spargel is a white asparagus grown in Europe.  I got two savory crepes and my friend got two sweet ones.  I am looking forward to another trip there.

This is what the guys did with the kids while we were gone.  They went on a walk in and around our village.  Again, Hannah volunteered to stay behind and babysit the nappers.

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