Wednesday, January 11, 2017

St. Nicholas Day: Stockings!

We do our stockings on St. Nicholas Day instead of on Christmas Day.  It has worked well for our family this way for many reasons, but it started back when Brian had to leave right before Christmas.  We had St. Nicholas Day stockings and he was able to share that part of Christmas with us since he missed the actual Christmas day and season.  Many put out shoes for some chocolate coins, but we just do the whole stocking early.  Keeps things calmer on Christmas morning without too many gifts distracting from the true meaning of Christmas day.

Stockings all laid out the night before...

Before opening the stockings...

Digging in :)

I made this notebook cover for Isaac because he had really wanted a notebook at the Globe in London that had a Shakespeare quote on it.  It seemed a bit over priced, and I have a really hard time buying something that I can make.  This took me one evening while watching a movie with Brian after the kids went to bed.  The quote is perfect for him, because he can get lost in anything and waste his time.  He is a day dreamer and a fiddler and every task is a long process.  I have been into lettering lately and it was fun to doodle a bit on it too since I rarely get to draw these days.  It made for a good stocking stuffer.  However, he did not know that I had hand-made it until I told him.  I guess that's a compliment.

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