Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Gingerbread House Personality Test

For the purposes of this post I am labeling these gingerbread houses:  back row starting from the left will be called a, b, and c; staring from the left on the front row is d and e.
We were invited to a party by another homeschooling Catholic family that we met through the Nativity pageant.  This was a fancy Martha Stewart kind of party as it turned out.  The house was decorated to the nines for Christmas and the whole family was dressed up like they were going to a ball.  One of the daughters read a Christmas story to all the children during the party and the mom (7 months pregnant) sat down at her harp and played Christmas carols while everyone sang.  We came to find out that she was a professional harpist before she had children.  There were amazing party favors, and it all was just too good to be true.

The most notable thing was that the mom had stayed up late the night before putting together the frames for the gingerbread houses.  There were more than twenty gingerbread houses waiting to be decorated by the children.  When it was time to decorate them, bowls full of every kind of candy were brought out and laid along the center of a long table.  The children squeezed around the table and stood to decorate their own gingerbread houses.  It was the best gingerbread house decorating experience of my life since all I had to do was help Judah and Drew with spreading the icing so they could stick on their candies.  I usually hate doing it with the kids since they are all asking for help or bombarding me with questions at the same time which is the number one difficulty I have with being a mother of six.

So the point of this post was to show how these gingerbread houses all turned out like each of their personalities.  If you know my kids you should make your guesses now before I go into detail about how I would have been able to tell which belonged to which child even if no one had told me.

a.  This one is Drew's.  He likes to make everything look like it is really supposed to look which is shown in the Twizzlers brick tiles for the roof and the door with a door knob.  He does this with his coloring as well.  He always wants to know what color things are supposed to be and will not take, "I don't know.  Color it whatever you want  it to be," for an answer.

b.  This one is Genevieve's.  She makes everything flashy and noticeable.  Her house is covered from top to bottom with candy.  In addition to that, she is my sweet tooth who loves her candy.  She put extra candy on the plate to take home and eat.

c.  This is Judah's.  It is simple and random like any three year old would do.  This shows more his age than his personality, but then again his personality isn't fully formed yet.  My children have changed so much from when they were three.  Drew's love for order has completely developed since then.

d.  This is Isaac's.  This one could cause some trouble if you were trying to guess because you might think the crushed in house belonged to the three year old.  If you knew that the house did not look like this when it had first been decorated then you might understand better.  My sweet, sweet Isaac kind of breaks things a lot, particularly lately.  For example, he broke some Christmas lights because he just wanted to see if one of the bulbs would come out if he pulled.  Well, it broke.  He crushed an ornament because "it looked like it was made of stone" when in reality it was made of clay, and it shattered when he squeezed it to test it's strength.  He was getting out of the van when we got home and he dropped his gingerbread house.  To his great credit, he did not cry and handled it very well.  I love that boy.

e.  This is Hannah's.  Like Drew she likes things to be organized and look "right."  She makes a plan and does not just stick candy on willy nilly.  Her house is crisp and clean looking.

I wonder what Bobby's will look like one day.  He's got a long way to go in his personality development.

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