Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8 Years and Counting...

My wonderful husband said "I do" to me 8 years ago today! He has more than lived up to all he promised and gave me the most precious little children ever! Thank you, Honey! I love you, and I miss you! Come home! There is a hole here that only you can fill! We are counting the days!

Here is my favorite picture of him on our wedding day! I love that smile! Doesn't it just say I love you? (Sorry about it being sideways! Computers...ugh!)

By the way, this is our bronze, ceramic, or lace anniversary and he got me beautiful bronze wind chimes. I LOVE wind chimes and most of mine have broken over the years. Once I get them installed (no trees so he included a wall hanger too) I will post a picture. They sound wonderful! Can't tell you what I got him! It's a secret!

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