Sunday, June 14, 2009

I will survive!

I just thought since this is our half way point and Brian should be home in 6 months (ish) that I would list some of the things I have survived or learned how to do while said husband has been away.

1. Flew to the USA with a 4 yr old, 2 1/2 yr old, and a 4 month old baby by myself!

2. Isaac had RSV.

3. Learned how to get things done despite the red tape with my health care while traveling during the RSV bout.

4. Took all three of the kids to two retreats 6 hours away, and stayed in a hotel room alone with all of them. (Anyone who's done this even with a husband knows what I am talking about.)

5. Kids had 2 cases of hives.

6. Made 2 trips to the ER.

7. Isaac got a straight catheter.

8. Pulled many all nighters with sick kids.

9. Survived and broke Isaac’s nursing strike.

10. Learned how to ASK for help, at least when I REALLY need it, which I really did not know how to do before.

11. Learned to say, “Yes” when a friend or a stranger offers to carry something for me. I am so independent that I usually insist on doing things myself if possible.

12. Figured out a routine for getting all three kids to bed by 7:30pm. (That took me a month or so, at least to get down. We have to eat dinner at 5pm and start heading upstairs by 6:30pm.)

13. Learned how to take all three kids swimming by myself.

14. Opened up the computer and learned a lot about the inside of it.

15. Climbed on my roof (3 story house, mind you) to fix the antennae for my internet. I am afraid of heights so this is a big one for me.

If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger, right?

Thanks be to God!


Almudena said...

Kelle - This is all amazing. I completely admire you! I admire you as much as I admire Brian for what he does for all of us. Thank you to both of you. These are truly amazing accomplishments!!


Kristen said...

You guys are amazing! You inspire us to pray more for our military and their families!

Becca said...

Thanks for doing all you do both for the sake of Hannah, Genna, and Isaac AND so that Brian can do all he does.
They're all blessed by you :)