Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Little Weekend Retreat

Well, these retreats are never easy without my husband to help, but this one was easier than the last. Hopefully, the next one will be even easier. Maybe we're getting our travel/hotel routine down better or maybe as the kids get older it just goes smoother. The hardest parts about traveling with three little ones are all sleeping in one room (not wanting one kid to wake up another or all their little noises keeping mom awake,) packing (not packing so much that you can't manage it all with the three kids too, but not packing too little where you have bored or hungry kids OR have to buy a bunch of stuff that you could have just brought,) and the overly tired/cranky kids AND mom (due to staying up too late and missing naps.) Other than that we had fun! :)

Anyway, the girls had lots of fun and made several "best friends" as they call just about every friend that they make. We went swimming in our free time. Hannah practiced her underwater swimming, and Genna was still trying to perfect the art of not breathing underwater. :) She thinks if her mouth is closed that she is holding her breath. We need to work on the nose though. I need to make time to get them into the swimming lessons soon!

Isaac is officially a creeper now and is walking along furniture. He was remarkably more friendly this weekend than he has been lately, waving to everyone who talked to him and smiling. I am praying we are nearing the end of that stranger anxiety phase. He also made a little friend, an 11 month old girl, who got along with him super well! I wish I had thought to take a picture of them playing together. They were both so laid back with each other. Isaac would immediately leave me and crawl over to see her. He would sit so close to her it was almost on top of her. So cute! One time this weekend, Isaac totally tried to pull up my shirt to give me zurbits in front of everyone! He also stayed with the childcare several times during my retreat sessions and with a friend of mine on one occasion while I got one of the best massages ever! I really recommend the heated stone massage! Definitely the best hour of the retreat!
Here he is sacked out before dinner Saturday night. He was so tired from the lack of uninterrupted naps.

It was nice to have time with adults and have some time off from my precious, but exhausting, little ones! We did, however, lose Genevieve's favorite dolly that she sleeps with EVERY NIGHT! It somehow did not make it home with us even though I remember putting it on top of my suitcase with the other sleep aids. Maybe she took it off before I came over to stuff them all in the bag. The last room check has always been Brian's job and I just forgot. (Sniff sniff...I miss my hubby.) I called the hotel, and they have not found it yet! Aah! I think I am more upset than she is, but she was pretty teary about it! Hannah and I picked that doll out for her for her first birthday gift and she has slept with it ever since. She has always just called her Baby. Memories...

The first meeting...

Genna and her Baby at about 16 months

Genna and her Baby at about 20 months

Come home Baby! We all miss you! (I'm pitiful, I know!)

It looks like the Baby is gone for good, so my mom purchased a new one exactly like it today. So, hopefully, the new one gets just as much love as the last one!

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Kristen said...

Awwww. Poor Genna. My girls have lambies (except Allia who has never needed a sleep aid once the colic passed). I purchased an extra one just in case! Oh, and amen to the hot stone massage. That is absolutely the best ever! I would love one during labor!!!