Friday, June 12, 2009

A Whole New World up Here

Isaac is on the move in his walker now! He's discovered a whole bunch of new stuff he can get into while in his walker. I had been using the walker as a "safe"place to put him if I needed to load the dishes without him crawling into the dishwasher or work in the garden without him eating every rock, leaf, or blade of grass he could his hands on. But those days are over! Now while I load the dishes, he walks over and opens cabinets and pulls things off shelves. Or while I weed the garden, he walks over and reaches new leaves on the bushes that he hasn't tasted before. I have already pulled way more stuff out of his mouth than I ever did with the girls combined. Let's see...leaves, stickers, dog food, rocks, grass. I know I sound like a bad mom for letting these things make it to his mouth in the first place, but he is fast!

Here's Isaac on a tour!

Here he is trying to play ball with Hannah who just keeps running off with the ball. He is saying "ball" over and over.

He is slowly, but surely, adding to his finger foods too. He ate toast with his dinner yesterday. He's had a few of the Graduates chunky foods, like the overly cooked diced carrots. I also made baked sweet potato fries earlier in the week. They were actually crispy which isn't easy to do, so I scraped out the insides for him. Next on my list to try is chopped spaghetti.

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