Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Straitjacket Baby

Isaac managed to turn his PJ shirt into a straitjacket instead of eating his Cheerios. I wish I could have caught my first sight of him on camera because it was even funnier. He had his arm all stuck and his sleeve hanging out of his mouth like a dog.

He loves to chew on Daddy's head! He was crawling around with it hanging out of his mouth. It reminds me of a dog. He does it with socks and toys too.

Cute smile! He's starting to smile for the camera automatically already.

"Look how big I am now!"

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Becca said...

Caleb did the sleeve thing at naptime or bedtime. He liked to chew on the sleeve and very early on figured out how to pull it and push his arm in. I had to keep him in onesies, otherwise the entire shirt would be up around his neck. He was none to happy when I started putting him in short sleeves. But mommy was none too happy when he woke up early frustrated b/c he couldn't move his arms!
He'll be too old for this next winter, right!?!
btw, that last picture really does make him look like a toddler!