Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mrs. Clean

AKA Hannah!

She asked me the other day if I could teach her how to do the dishes. Hmmm...YES! We got her a chair to stand on, and she got right to work. What a huge help this will be! She is truly a wonderful helper these days. She can feed Isaac and fold laundry too. Both girls help out by entertaining Isaac if he is cranky and I am busy. They also are excellent table setters and clearers. They have both really been into helping out making lunch or dinner lately too.

Genna, of course, wants to learn to do the dishes too now. However, I am nervous about her breaking stuff. So we'll see how we can modify it for her. I guarantee you she won't last long at it. She bores easily.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy it- I remember you loving to first. but Hannah might be different. Sorry to throw such a negative comment at you- so unlike me?

Kristen said...

That is awesome! I just got mine folding laundry. But dishes...that is a whole other ball game!

Becca said...

My mom bought a set of those cheap plastic plates, just so she wouldn't worry while we learned to wash dishes. We ended up never using anything but them. When we moved into the Holleman house, I felt weird using "real" plates for just everyday meals! :)