Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Growing up too fast…AS USUAL!

Isaac is getting so big! He is still in the 97th percentile for height even though his weight has fallen from above the 97th to the 75th percentile. This is either because of his string of illnesses (he’s lost weight and had to gain it back during at least two of the more serious illnesses) or because he just isn’t too excited about the real food that we are transitioning to. He still nurses great, but he just doesn’t eat much solid food. He also refuses to do anything but chew on a sippy cup which he should be able to drink from by now. This is going to make my usual weaning process a little difficult. I have tried many different kinds of sippy cups, but to no avail!

I can not believe that he will be 11 months soon! Here are some (actually, a ton of) pictures from the last two weeks.

Smiles, teeth and tongue!
(This was before his fifth tooth broke through on the bottom.)

So big!

Here is Isaac riding his car! I have a video of this, and I'll get it up eventually.

Babyproofed upstairs...

Eating his first spaghetti...

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