Friday, June 5, 2009

Playing "Bah"

Isaac is saying "Ball" now in the typical baby way without the "l" sound at the end. He is also saying"Uh" for "Up." So that brings us to a total of 7 words. He looks around when you ask a "Where" question trying to find it. He can usually find the ball, the car, or a picture of daddy. He is trying to give kisses. He makes the "Ummmah" sound and leans in for the smooch, but doesn't quite get what to do with his mouth yet. And he likes to give zurbits (blowing raspberries on someone's skin) as much as receive them now. One of the sweet things he does is pat my back enthusiastically whenever I pick him up. I feel like he is saying, "I love you" in his own little way. He's absolutely precious, but such a handful! I am truly learning what it means to "chase" a baby around the house now. The girls are low activity compared to this guy.

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