Monday, June 22, 2009

Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose…

That is where Isaac is leaking from today! His fifth tooth is the cause of the insane drooling. He actually leaves a trail of drool on the tile floor where ever he goes.

His eyes are infected and oozing, so I took him to the doctor today only to be shocked with the news that he also has a double ear infection. He had no fever or symptoms, so I am actually thankful for the eye infections so that we caught the ear infections early. God works in mysterious ways! So Amoxicillin, here we come!

His nose is obviously running too. This morning after he had been crying a few minutes while I helped the girls with something, I looked at him to find record breaking snot hanging from his nose to his belly button!

At least his head and shoulders, knees and toes are healthy, right?

Here’s a picture of him from yesterday after Mass, before all the oozing began! A handsome fella, in my biased opinion at least.

***Again, I am so sorry about the slow and infrequent posting right now! But you can rest assured because my new computer is in route!***

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