Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

to the best dad ever! You're the best, Honey! The kids miss you so much! I hear, "I miss my daddy" or "I want my daddy" everyday! Brakes my heart!

The girls made him these shirts (below) using crayons. They drew on a piece of paper and then I helped with the words (since they had to be written backwards) and then we ironed it on to some of dad's old undershirts. They didn't show up as well as I had hoped. Hannah's picture had a lot of detail that didn't show up. Next time we know to trace over and make it darker. I love how Genna draws people with a head and two legs sticking out.

I made him this card, and used the color versions of these pictures (below) to make him another card to hang on his wall. Getting these poses were not easy! No one wanted to open their eyes in the sun. :)

The girls made many many other crafts for him too at the various Father's Day events around here. Yesterday, we made a 30 minute DVD for him at the library. It was a disaster, but maybe he'll get a kick out of it. Hannah spilled some of her water bottle on her pants and lost it. She kept asking to take her pants off. Oh, boy! What a little Princess and the Pea she is!

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