Friday, September 11, 2009

Construction, Turning the Other Cheek, and a Dancing Fool

I am daily amazed at how little boys gravitate towards trucks, wheels, balls, and construction! Every time we see a construction truck (or whatever they are called, I guess I am going to have to learn their names now, like which is a back hoe or a crane or whatever) Isaac starts pointing and saying "Vroom." He gets so excited! He has a love-hate relationship with the lawn mower though. He loves it because it is a rumbling machine on wheels, but he hates that I put him in the walker to keep him from getting hurt while I mow our little lawn. (Yes, I mow now too! I know you are marveling at the Jack of all trades I have become this year. Just kidding!) Anyway, you get the boy is all boy even without daddy's influence during this critical developmental time.

However, that said, Isaac lets all the other babies his age squeeze his face, play drums on his head, sit on him, etc without making so much as a peep. It happened again today many many times at the Catholic Mom's Group. The babies seem drawn to him, but, of course, aren't doing it to be mean. He does have a high pain tolerance, so maybe that's why he just sits there. If this is a foreshadowing event for the future, my tank of a boy might be on the receiving end of some bullying. Not that I am condoning the fight back mentality, but you don't have to let peers walk all over you either. Anyway, for now it is a humorous and endearing quality. But what do I know? I am biased beyond belief. I do remember Genna standing up for herself many times as a young toddler at playgroups. Hannah always came crying to me when someone tried to push her around. Strange how different they all are.

Here's my big guy dancing away!

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