Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Morning Activity Sheets

As I mentioned in this post, we have time set aside in the morning before they go to school to do an activity sheet or two each weekday. Here is our rough 5 day "lesson plan" for each week. These activity sheets have to be things they can do on their own after I show them what to do so I can get ready in the morning.

ABC's/Reading and Writing- Hannah usually reads a sentence or two and traces it once. Then she practices writing it several times. Genna has about half of the Alphabet down and so she is moving through the letters she doesn't know well. I print out a coloring page with the letter, a picture of something the letter starts with, and a place to trace the upper and lower case letter at the bottom.

Numbers/Math-Hannah is doing simple addition, using dominoes or pennies. Hannah also needs to learn what the names of the double digit numbers are (i.e. teens and multiples of ten.) Genna is still learning a few of her 1-10 numbers in a similar fashion to the letters.

Tracing/Handwriting-Hannah is tracing sentences and rewriting them again here. Genna is practicing her name or does pre-handwriting worksheets with dot-to-dot pages and mazes. Her hand is not too steady yet, but she is trying hard to write her name now. She even spells it correctly, but some of the letters are backwards and she tends to put too many lines on her capital "E."

Saint Coloring Page-I am trying to pick one saint a week on his/her feast day and find a coloring page, but if this isn't possible I will just find a religious coloring sheet for that day instead. If I ever find the time, I could make my own coloring page. Big
if! In the future, I want to start doing memory verses with them again. We kind of got away from that when the little guy was born. This could replace the Saint day if I can't find a coloring page for a Saint that week. One idea is they could illustrate the verse and we could hang it up for the week going over it many times a day.

Illustration/Creative Writing- Hannah writes something and draws a picture illustrating what she wrote. For Genna, I write the sentence and have her illustrate it.

The order of these depends mostly on the feast days of the Saints, so I move things around accordingly. I am keeping their work in a binder. Here they are!

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