Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Uh Oh What?

Isaac says "Uh oh" all the time and sometimes I don't know what he is "Uh oh"ing about. I frequently (and absentmindedly) say "Uh oh what?" Today he said it right back to me while I was putting him in the car seat. "Uh oh what?" came out of my little one's mouth, and I just started dying laughing. So of course, he kept saying it over and over all the way home. The girls and I were laughing at him and sometimes he would not even get to the "What" part yet and he would start laughing. This is funnier than his fake sneezes.

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Sarah said...

That's hilarious! I am amazed at what they learn to copy..and it's something new every day. :) Lexi now copies my sneezes and coughs. :)