Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Sibling Talk: Three's a crowd?

Having my second child was a breeze because she was so totally entertained by my oldest and had her big sister's full attention. I remember Genna would just lay on the floor and be happy as long as Hannah was in the same room. The only time Genna was demanding of my attention was when Hannah was still napping and Genna had woken early. Then as she got older and could really play with her sister they had a blast. Sure they argue, but in general are instant live in playmates. I assumed this would be the case for each subsequent child.

However, I am learning that three is not a good number. Someone always gets left out! Either Genna and Hannah are playing and don't want their little destroyer of a brother to bother them and the tower they are working on, or Hannah and Isaac are playing Puppy Chase and (both) get irritated when Genna tries to join in. Occasionally Genna is entertaining Isaac and Hannah tries to jump in. Genna resists this because she knows that Isaac will soon abandon her for Hannah's more appealing game. Aah! What to do!

I try to have scheduled time for them all to play together, but it never works out, someone always comes to me crying, and most often it is Isaac since the girls have been best friends for so long and they are closer in age which means they are capable of a different type of play that Isaac can't do yet.

I am thinking this could be a temporary thing. Maybe as he gets older and can pretend with them, he can be the Prince or the Monster or something to add to the game. But is it possible that that time is far far away? By then, perhaps he will have another sibling who can be his buddy. Who knows! All I know is that after seeing this trio dynamic, in the end, I want an even number of kids. :) LOL


SimmonsFamily said...


Your kiddos are just a year behind mine, I think? Mine are 2,4,5. We went through the same thing last year. Now they play GREAT together. It's awesome. They hardly even need me around anymore to referee. Sure there are some setbacks, but it is way better than 4,3,1. Hang in there!

Kelle said...

Thanks, Elizabeth! I was hoping that would be the case!