Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zip Lock Bags!

Hannah and I made the Zip Lock bag book on your right. First I stapled the correct number of bags together on the closed side. Then I printed out a story tailored just for her from a website that I am now having trouble finding in my bookmarks. Oops! Anyway, she colored the pages. I cut them out even though she is excellent at cutting. We were short on time that day, and I cut them all simultaneously to save time. Then we folded them and slid them into the empty Zip Lock book. Then, of course, she had to read it to me while I did the dishes.

Here is the inside of hers...

The one on your left was a book I made (slightly sturdier) for Isaac. This is for the upcoming long airplane ride, so I have not tried giving it to him yet. So I can not say for sure that he won't destroy it quickly. We shall see. I made his on the computer using pictures of him and his daddy from his recent visit. Then I captioned them. I guess now Genna needs one too, right? My problem is after making two of something, I am usually ready to move on to the next project. I still owe Hannah a hooded towel since I made Genna and Isaac one. Maybe it all evens out in the end. Isaac doesn't have a mommy-made scarf or apron like the girls do, not that he really wants one anyway.

Another activity I made for the plane trip are these touch and feel boards. I drew animals on index cards and cut them out to leave the outline of the animal. Then I collected materials (in order: a boa, pink thin wavy ribbon, duct tape, towel, tulle, wide white cotton ribbon, shiny blue ribbon) from around the house to glue to card board. Then I placed the index card on top and a whole on on the bottom. To make it more durable for my rough and tumble boy, I used clear packing tape all the way around it to keep it all together in addition to gluing the index cards down. The only one that the girls couldn't decipher was the first one which is a baby chick.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part of the Zip Lock bag books, you can replace the pages inside super easily! So I guess there is no reason I can't make one of these for Genna too!