Monday, August 13, 2012

11 Months: My Silly Little Guy

Again, this is my typical Drew.  I can't thank God enough for his spunky little self!
 Some things are just hard to notice the first time, like using his thumb and pointer finger when he picks up Cheerios.  He's been doing this for a while, and I don't know when it started.  I can't recall exactly when he started playing ball either.  Other things, like taking steps for the first time you notice.  He took three steps to me unassisted last week even with his bum knee.  He also is figuring out how to give kisses, but hasn't made the sound yet.

 Drew also got another tooth on the bottom in the midst of his infection business.   Poor baby!  He is still not one hundred percent yet, but I am hoping he''ll be better by the time the antibiotics run out.  He's already back to his old tricks.  Just this week he ate a fly, at least the parts I could not dig out ofhis mouth, he sprayed Pledge on his legs while I finished putting groceries away, and he poured out some dish soap on the floor.

My other kids were pretty good about repeating or copying me when I asked them to do something like say "Mama" or clap your hands or "How big is...?"  This guy kind of ignores me most of the time.  He will do it when he feels like it, but not just because I asked him to do it.  The only thing he is pretty consistent about doing when we cue him is this game Brian taught him.  When you say "Shakin' Baby" help starts shaking his head.  He always does this with a huge smile on his face, and I can only assume he just really likes it which is why he indulges us in this game.  He will also play "Where's Drew?" most of the time.

I am telling you that Hannah has a gift with babies.  She has won the heart of all three of her younger siblings when they were babies.  If only her patience extended to when they grow up.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  I, too, have no trouble being patient with babies, but when they grow up I have to work a lot harder and pray a lot more to be patient with them.
I have noticed that I have never been wetter after giving any of my children baths as I am with this silly little one.  He's a mover and a shaker!  Something cute he did the other day was look behind the book to try and find the baby behind it.  Of course, there was no one on the other side of the book.  The page had a mirror on it.  He seems to enjoy a couple different books now which is new.  His favorites are a monster Touch and Feel book, a number book where I make sound effects for each page, and some of the Lift the Flap books.

They all just adore him!
Poor guy has had major diaper rash from the heavy duty antibiotics.  This is his first diaper rash.  He is on the BRAT diet with as much yogurt as I can get him to eat.  Since the septic bursitis his schedule is all messed up.  He only woke up at night only for two nights during the worst of it, but he has been up super early and taking random short naps ever since he started improving health-wise.  This means he is temporarily back to three naps a day.  On top of that, I have been trying to gradually move his dream feed up to before bedtime since we got back from our trip. If you know what a dream feed is then you know he is way too old to still be having one.  For one I always love this time with my babies and don't really hurry to drop it.  And two, with our trip and everything going on this summer things just kept happening to ruin my progress.  So as soon as I get a chance that will be happening.  I am ready now.

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