Friday, August 10, 2012

The Party Substitution...Medieval Times!

Isaac agreed to trade in his birthday party for Medieval Times trip with our family.  We had a trip planned for Saturday to Baltimore for this very thing, but Drewy was still sick and I had to stay home with him.  We decided Brian better go on and take the big kids.  I was thinking Drew wouldn't really have enjoyed it anyway.  They all had a great time!

The birthday boy!  He wondered why there wasn't any rotten fruit thrown at him.  We read about that in a book.

Isaac loved all the weapons and knights!  It was funny to hear him discussing weapons with his dad.  They had different ideas of what the difference was between a mace and a morning star.  Brian had to look up the difference on the internet and find some pictures to show Isaac.  Now we all know that a mace is anything with a ball without spikes, chain or no chain, on it and a morning star is any weapon with a spiky ball on it, chain or no chain.

Isaac said the sword fighting and jousting was the highlight of the evening.

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