Thursday, August 9, 2012

Someone's turning 4!

Isaac will talk your ear off about weapons.  He will cry if you call him a girl.  He likes pink now because Uncle Kent likes pink, and so that means boys can like pink, but still wouldn't be caught dead drinking out of a Princess cup.  He is only interested in a book if it has bad guys or weapons in it.  Isaac is a spontaneous hugger and the biggest cuddler of the family.  He. is. so. slow.  He buckles slow.  He gets dressed slow.  He eats slow.  I am perpetually rushing him along so that we can get something, ANYTHING, accomplished.  He's thoughtful, and giving.  He is impatient as the day is long, and really struggles with the concept of time more than the girls ever did.  Five minutes is forever and later is tomorrow to him.  He's a natural speller and has a great memory.  Often he'll say "I don't know" when he really does know the answer unless you press him.  He is sensitive and my most fearful child.  He sleeps facing away from the wall because he is afraid someone might reach up from under the bed and touch his butt while he is sleeping.  He is loud and gregarious.  He has a kind, gentleman's heart.  His cheeks and facial expressions put smiles on faces all the time.

I can't believe he is already four!  He is super excited about his four year old privileges... moving to a booster and trading in his afternoon nap time for quiet time.  (Although I have warned him that he still has to take a nap every once in a while if he is super tired.)  He really can't wait to turn five and chew gum, but I certainly can.  This growing up thing is just moving too quickly for this mom.  It seems like it was just yesterday when he was this BIG bundle we brought home from the hospital.  Now just look at him!

I made him this pirate hat last night because I had forgotten that was the only thing he actually asked me to get him.  I wasn't able to make it in black because this was the only felt scrap that was big enough.
The hat pattern and directions were from Simple Simon & Company.

Captain America


I guess this is Captain Annie Oakley.


This is a serious guy with a big iron on his hip.

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