Monday, August 13, 2012

My visit with my sister

I had the pleasure of taking Drew (and leaving the rest of the brood with Daddy) and flying to Texas to help my sister out after having her first baby.  Dylan is a great baby!  He sleeps a lot and is very happy to just look around when he is awake.  He didn't cry much at all.  He is up to 7 lbs now which is great.  He'll be an 8 pounder in no time!

Drew was sometimes in the way a bit.  He missed his siblings playing with him.  He is always so curious and into things, you know.  He tried to help out when he could though.  He helped me set up some toys, and, of course, he test drove a few for his cousin.

Just testing out the toys.  Drew decided that although this toy is super fun, it will tip a bit if a feisty baby is placed inside.
And you can get stuck if you try to get in on your own.  Don't try this at home.
When I got there my sister didn't start giving me things to do, so I thought, "What did I always want people to do for me?"  Cook, clean, and wait on me hand and foot.  Plus, change diapers, of course, and watch the baby while I slept some more in the mornings.  So that is what I did (not as much cooking since her husband is a chef.)  I decided to just do it and insist since it is not in my family's genes to accept help readily.  Since she is a new momma, I also tried to pass on any knowledge or how to's that I could.  I sterilized bottles, froze breast-milk, reorganized her kitchen to make room for bottles, and helped install the car seat tighter.

I made my sister this sling and we practiced using it.
Drew and Dylan!  The cousins meet!

Nursing is going really well for them, but I was able to help and encourage her a little in that area as well.  Dylan is a sweet heart and really going to bless his parents' lives.

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