Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Matey's Birthday Cake and Dinner (not in that order)

I did promise my 4 year old a birthday cake.  You know how I love a birthday cake challenge.  I thought he wanted a dragon cake to stab, but he changed his mind just in the knick of time for me to swing a pirate ship cake.  We needed some friends to help us eat this cake so we invited a couple families over and my uncle to have tacos and cake.

I made this cake with one sheet cake, Rolos for gold, rice crispies for TNT, Cocoa puffs for cannon balls, Hershey bar for the plank, chocolate twizzlers for the rails, and some candles for cannons.  I printed out the Jolly Roger and a "Happy Birthday" sign for the sails and borrowed a mini pirate from Isaac.  It was so fun and much appreciated by my first mate.

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Rich said...

Awesome cake, Kelle! I bet he was one happy birthday boy! =)