Friday, August 3, 2012

Poor Baby Drew!

This how we spent all day yesterday, in the sling on Mommy.
 Drew woke up Wednesday with a fever.  This progressed to vomiting throughout the evening.  He threw up all pain meds I tried to get in him so he had to tough out the fever.  He was completely uncharacteristic, moaning and whimpering and cuddling me.  This is usually my tough guy, so I knew he was really sick.  I noticed him wincing when I touched his leg, but I couldn't tell what was wrong with his leg.
He did actually sleep all night in his crib without anymore vomiting, but I didn't sleep much.  I figured this was a little virus, but something was nagging at me and I kept thinking something more was wrong.  Now I am not quick to run to the doctor anymore, so when he still had a fever in the morning we decided to cuddle on the couch a lot and see how things went.  That's pretty much what we did and he finally stopped throwing up and was nursing a little every hour.  Around 3pm I suddenly noticed his knee.  The skin was red, hot, and hard to touch, almost like a callus.  I already knew it was tender.  I called Brian and a friend of mine (sending them a picture).  Then I called the nurse and got a late appointment 15 minutes from then.  I had to wake up Isaac from his nap and have everyone jump in the car looking like we just fell out of bed since we had no intention of going anywhere that day.  It turns out he has some kind of infection on his knee AND Strep throat as well.  We still don't know if they are related because it seems strange to have the two infections at the same time and it be a coincidence.  We picked up some antibiotics on the way home and he is feeling much better today, but still not good.

Doesn't he look pitiful?  This is this morning after the fever finally broke.  You can see his inflamed knee.  He won't crawl on it.  He either does the bear crawl, stands up, or just sits there. 
He is starting to eat a little bit this morning.  The Strep should be better by then end of the day, but the doctor did not seem sure when his knee would be better.  In fact, he didn't instill much confidence when he said to go to the ER if it gets any bigger or worse.

Jesus, I trust in you.


Becca said...

Praying he continues to improve!

The Pilots Wife said...

Oh poor baby! I don't run to the doctor either and am afraid that someday something will be serious and my "wait and see" approach will bite me the in behind. It's a good thing the Holy Spirit has our backs. :) Hope Drew feels better soon!