Monday, February 25, 2013

1st Reconciliation

 Hannah had her first Reconciliation last Wednesday.  She was very well prepared and I could tell by the questions she asked me on occasion while doing her examination of conscience that she was really thinking and praying about it.  She told me that she never forgets her sins and that it was easy.  The bad thing is that she never forgets anyone else's sins either, she told me, but she said that she tries not to think of them.

She wasn't even very nervous.  This is her in line with her book of sins.  She wrote them down so she could remember them.
Before pic- Excited!
 Hannah was last in line since she couldn't decide which priest to go to.  She said that she liked them all.  So we just picked a line and even ended up switching when the other line moved faster.

After pic- Can you see the difference in her smile?
 After she was finished, Hannah said that she felt like a "newborn baby."

Father lovingly teased her and made her feel right at home.  He even told her she was his best confessor that day.

Genna kind of messed up this picture with her itchy nose, but I didn't notice it at the time and therefore did not have a redo.
While she was in line, her daddy went to the store to get her some roses and picked us each up a Junior Frosty to celebrate.


Rich said...

I love these times. Our Lord's comment about having the faith of a child is so readily apparent in these moments.

Kristen said...

So sweet! She sound so much like Allia. (and Genna like Mariana) I just know they would be best buds if you guys were closer! :)