Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Releasing the Prisoner

Oh, yeah!  She's free at last!
 I disinfected Genevieve last night and released her from the prison of our master bedroom, AKA the movie theater.  She was thrilled to be able to see Hannah and Drew. 

"I have so much energy, Mom, that I may scream all night long!"
They hugged about a million times in between Genna's bath and bedtime, and they whispered and giggled late into the night.

We were reading a story about two sisters that had to be separated for a journey and every time they mentioned how hard it would be, the girls looked at each other and hugged again.  So cute!

This is my life right now...still disinfecting EVERY THING!
Isaac is still in prison for at least another day, maybe more.  The girls and I got back to a little bit of school today.  Oh, and it was Brian's birthday today.  He needs a raincheck too.  Happy birthday, Honey!

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