Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trying to Talk

So Drew is finally really trying to say some words.  He will usually try to copy us if we ask him repeatedly to say some specific word.  However, most of the time is is just the first consonant sound or the first syllable and there would be no way we would know what he was taking about if he said it on his own.  I have videotaped me trying to get him to say somethings here.  You'll see what I mean with the "spoon" for sure.  He loves spoons and I have really been trying to teach him that word with no real success.  It may seem odd that I am teaching him to say "No" to Hannah in the video, but it is because he normally screams at them when he wants them to stop bothering him.  I would much prefer he just say "No, Hannah" to the screeching, but I may regret this later.

Drew said his first compound word which was Isaac's first compound word as well..."highchair."  It sounds like "Hy-cha," but that is really good for him to put the two sounds together.  Here is a current list of his words he says somewhat regularly or can repeat consistently and sound relatively clear.

Dada/ Daddy
Uh oh
Oh no
Bye bye
Night night (nah nah)
Drew (sounds more like "Duh" most of the time)
Ouch (ow)
Balloon (boon)
I don't know (dunno)
Isaac (Isah)
Baa (for sheep sound)
Hoo hoo (for owl and monkey sounds)
High chair (Hycha)

So 28 words, which is about where my other three were at right after they turned a year.  Seems slow to me, but I hear he is in the normal range.  He knows many many signs and uses them on his own a lot more often now.  I'll have to try to make a list of his signs one day soon.  He is very physical, and likes to try puzzles now.  He can't always get the wooden pieces to fit, but he does many times.  He is pretty good at the shape sorter.  I like that he tries so hard and doesn't give up.  This is one aspect of his personality that I think causes his lack of communication.  He doesn't ask for help very often.  He just keeps trying to do it himself.  He is also able to get both feet off the ground when he jumps sometimes.  He is excellent at following directions.  He can unload most of the dishwasher by himself (and know where everything goes) if someone keeps him on task which the girls love.

His lack of speech and his church behavior are the two things we are currently working on the most.  Also we are gearing up to move him into Isaac's room this summer to get them adjusted before the new baby comes.  The main problem I foresee with this is that Isaac is waking up screaming every once in a while and he doesn't know why.  Hopefully it is a phase that will pass before the summer.  Drew will have to adjust to having a night light and to Isaac getting up to go going potty in the middle of the night too.  Drew has always been a great sleeper, so lets hope this goes smoothly.  We are keeping him in his crib.  I'm not crazy.


Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog so I can't ever get it to allow me to post any other way than anonymous but the waking up screaming and not knowing why is characteristic of night terrors and is where the child seems like they're having a nightmare but don't remember dreaming about anything when they wake up. It is usually a phase and common for his age and usually goes away by itself. Super scary at first though when you hear them screaming!


Becca said...

I love Drew's "spoon"! So adorable.

Caleb gets night terrors. He has for about 3 years now. There is a marked difference between those and bad dreams, though he gets both. I've noticed it's more likely to happen when his room is warmer. They don't stop completely with a cool room, but much less common.