Friday, February 8, 2013

More about the little guy...almost 17 months

This little man loves to eat!  "Mom's still making dinner.  No problem, I'll just snack on this plate."

See if you can tell his wacko eye color.  Half of one eye is totally blue, but the rest is a weird mix of blue and light brown.  I don't know.  I keep thinking that when he is older he won't have a clue what to put on his driver's license for his eye color.
 So, I was looking up a recipe on the computer when I heard a kitchen drawer open.  I looked over to see what Drew was getting into to find him opening the silverware drawer, getting out a spoon, and closing the drawer.  I just watched him while he brought it back where he had already acquired a plastic bowl and transferred, by hand, his Cheerios from his snack cup (that has a no-spill lid.)  Then he sat down and started eating his Cheerios with his spoon.  This is the first time we have had older siblings that are fairly independent in the kitchen and it is funny to see him know where all the dishes are.  He even helps his sisters unload the dishwasher.

I was so amused that I had to get a few pictures of it.

Since everyone has been sick, Drew has been remarkably happy to play independently and occasionally with Hannah.  We did have to put up gates to keep him from searching out the sick siblings upstairs though.  He typically is like his dad and gets a little antsy if we are home-bound too much.  He LOVES to go in the car and go just about anywhere.  If someone is leaving without him, he carries around his shoes and coat crying while they are getting ready to leave.

His new words are "hot," "hat," and "duck."  He is definitely trying to repeat things if we really push it with him.  I have to say "Look at my mouth," because if I just say, "Watch Drew.  Say duck."  He will look at my hands expecting a sign to learn or do the sign if he already knows it.

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