Friday, May 8, 2009


We had to cancel Genna's tea party scheduled for tomorrow because this afternoon she developed the same high fever sore throat combo that Isaac had last week. I am so sad because I had already made the dips and the cake (un-iced though, luckily it will freeze better this way!) AND got her a handmade pinata in the form of Mrs. Potts, the tea pot in Beauty and the Beast. It is so amazing too! I will post a picture of it soon with Genna next to it to show you just how big it is.

So we will reschedule the party as soon as we're well again! Most of the kids were sick and called to cancel anyway, so maybe more people will be able to come if we reschedule it. Poor baby! She was so pitiful this evening. I hope it is not as long lasting as Isaac's was! Please, God! Times like these make me really miss my husband even more, if that is possible!


Mary said...

Poor Genna! We'll be praying that she get better very quickly, & for extra-special graces for Mommy, too! =)

Anonymous said...

Do you remember your birthday party that came on the day of a big snowstorm and only 4 kids came-mostly the ones who could walk? We played a game where we raced in the playroom AND CHANGED CLOTHES AND RACED BACK????