Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's my birthday, and I can cry if I want to!

Unfortunately, she did have a teary birthday today. The girls both had to stay home from school since they had tummy troubles this morning (but nothing after the early morning, so hopefully tomorrow they can go). The problem was a combination of lack of sleep (she woke up early with a bad tummy ache) and her sister having issues with all her new stuff. I never thought of the benefits to having your kids' birthdays close together until today. Hannah was super sad about Genna getting gifts when she didn't get much. Her dad is sending them both something in the mail, but it isn't here quite yet and the promise for the future just didn't cut it with this 4 year old. So we had lots and lots and lots of fights over the new toys today. Genna was more than willing to share, but Hannah only seemed interested in the toy Genna was playing with at that moment. We don't usually have this sort of problem because we set the timer on normal days, but since it was her birthday I hated to do that today with her brand new toys. However, I did make her share the ones she was not using. Anyway, just lots of tears! Tomorrow will be better! I did give the girls a dessert sampling of Apfel Kuchen, ice cream "cake" with whipped cream topping and a candle, and some jello I had made for their upset tummies. It was a feast. I promised them if all tummies were settled tomorrow, we would hit the Backerei before school in the morning and I would order a pizza for dinner to continue the celebration that sort of got foiled today.

On a brighter note, Isaac was much better today! he was playing happily and all smiles and giggles most of the day which really made me feel a lot better. It just breaks my heart when the kids are so sick they are not themselves. Plus, we escaped the dreaded blood tests if he didn't improve and drop that nasty fever by today. Praise God!

Here's my 3 year old!

Here is Hannah trying to "direct" Genna in her coloring of her gift from Aunt Leah and Uncle Kent. There was only one page to color, and Hannah was going to get to finish it for Genna. Genna has a short attention span for coloring these days. However, Hannah couldn't stand it and tried manipulating Genna into letting her color by saying she was "splattering," otherwise known as scribbling, and that Hannah could do it better. When that failed (thanks to Mommy) she tried "directing" her on what to color and how to do it.

Here's Genna's gift from us! A Hello Kitty trike. It even has a place for her doll in the back. She loved, but so did Hannah. Hannah has a Red trike that is smaller and without all the extras. I told her she can get a new one for her birthday if she wanted.

Here's the dessert! We sang to her and she blew out the candle. She wished for "ice cream cake" so she got her wish! Oh, the days when we wished for such simple things. I never get my wishes, like a baby who sleeps great! What's up with that!

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