Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I can't help but want to kiss this cute chubster!

It's true even though, I have to say, he has been a stinker lately! He is getting very clingy to me and very screechy. He'll just start to screech/cry out of the blue in the middle of the grocery store or my hair cut or wherever! He's being very challenging these days!

He seems to enjoy banging his head on things. If he accidentally bumps it on the wall behind him, he continues to do it over and over again on purpose, not too hard but not too gentle either. He can turn a girl toy into a boy toy in just a matter of seconds. For example, take the doll stroller and flip it over and spin the wheels for hours of fun! I guess that Y chromosome is stronger than I thought. I thought that him being stuck in a house full of girls for the first part of his life without Daddy around to counter it would have him acting like a girl. Boys will be boys no matter what!

He also gets such a kick out of the girls! He just cracks up at them and is starting to join in the fun sometimes too!

Hannah and Isaac playing


Kristen said...

Wow...he looks like his Daddy in the 2nd one!

Becca said...

So the girls didn't do those things? How interesting it must be to watch the differences. Caleb did the screeching, the head banging, and still LOVES wheels. Guess it is a guy thing! :)