Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Perfect Princess Tea

Genna's party was fantastic yesterday! She was exhausted, but she had a great time! Here's how it went!

The Invitation

The Tea Pot Cake
I made this based on this cake and this cake that I found online. The handle and spout are made with wire ribbon and some skewers to hold them in place. It was remarkably easy since it was small. I always have so much left over cake and this time, I had just enough to give away the last couple of pieces to my wonderful friend, Jill, who took Isaac for the party. That turned out to be a huge blessing since doing the birthday party without Brian was harder than I thought. He's always my picture and video guy, and it is hard to run the show and get it on film too all by yourself. Luckily all my friends were super generous and helpful!

The Birthday Girl
Everyone dressed up like princesses and knights for the party. Genna and Hannah sported their princess gowns from Aunt Cindy and Uncle Frank (for Christmas gifts). They looked beautiful as did everyone else! We also had a talented nail artist, babysitter, and friend of ours, Hadlee, do all the girls' nails with beautiful flowers on them. The knights scoffed at this so we did face paint for them!

The Tea
We made some nice sun tea with some loose German fruit tea (decaf, of course) that I had. The boys didn't like it, but the girls all seemed to enjoy it. My girls love sun tea. It's one of our summer traditions.

The Pinata
This was handmade by an American that lives around here. She did such an excellent job! It is Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast. And I almost forgot to take a picture of it before it was demolished! I couldn't believe it! So we paused the beating of the pinata to snap this photo (her side is already dented). We didn't blindfold them because it would have been dangerous, frankly! LOL The little ones had some difficulty busting it open, so the big kids finished it off after we had two rounds of turns for the little ones.

The Food
We had sandwiches, fruit, veggies, and dips (artichoke dip, french onion dip, and caramel dip) for the kids. I had some left overs from my social function earlier in the day that I served the adults in addition to this spread.

The Entertainment
In addition to the nail and face painting, the pinata, and the tea party, we had a game that we learned at a German birthday party. You put a piece of candy under a bowl and blindfold a child. Give them a spatula and have them crawl around tapping thee floor to find the bowl and get the candy. You direct them with Hot and Cold which was a little difficult for this bunch. We ended up having them follow my voice for the most part.

Here's a slide show with more pictures!

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