Saturday, May 30, 2009

My, how my little Aggies have grown!

Remember this picture from about 7 months ago! Well, they've all out grown their outfits and passed them down. Hannah, sadly, does not have one that fits her anymore. But Genna fits in Hannah's old one (a 3T) and Isaac, at a mere 9 1/2 months of age, fits in Genna's old one (a 2T!) Several of Genna's white undershirts have moved straight from her drawers to his, actually. Check it out!

It got a little warmer as the day went on, and he had collected cracker crumbs in his pockets from when we were at the grocery store. So I took off the jacket after getting one good shot in it. Look at his gut and his soft chubby baby arms! Softest skin ever! I bet you all are wanting to squeeze him right now!

This next one is his, "Man, I love my sister, Hannah" smile!


Anonymous said...

Kelle, this looks a lot like one of Hannah's picture when she was a baby. Do you remember- the one that she is posing with a hat on and her head is turned????


Beth said...