Friday, May 15, 2009

Sweet Bribery

Genna has done better the last two days with no fits/temper tantrums, but still with some crying. I stay for about half an hour to get her interested in something. Then I tell her where I will be going and that I will come right back with a bribe. Wednesday it was ice cream, Thursday it was walking home and feeding the chickens and geese, and today it was a box of chocolate milk. Everyday when I pick her up she tells me how much fun she had and her teachers are saying there have been no more problems. I guess this is good, but it is still hard for me to take her when she is crying.

Tomorrow is her tea party. I finished the 3D tea pot cake today and I am so excited about it! I can't wait to post pictures of it all! Genna is pumped!

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