Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Since we have been so sick and house-bound, I have been spring cleaning lately and, therefore, not had as much blogging time as I would like. I am not finished with my list yet, because the remaining items on my list are hard to do with Isaac around. And since he is the "Worst Napper in the World" these things will take a long time to accomplish. Anyway, I thought it might make me feel better to see show off some of the major things I have accomplished!

1. I reorganized my entire craft area on the third floor, labels and all.

2. I sorted through all the baby clothes in all rooms and reorganized them all into plastic bins, labeled, of course!

3. I moved out Genna's toddler bed and moved in one of the extra twin beds from Isaac's room. It is the trundle bed that pops down to make this transition easier.
Genna's room

Isaac's room, where the bed used to be...

The remaining trundle bed in Isaac's room...

4. Redid my living room picture frames to include Isaac.

5. Scrubbed the kitchen table like I never have before! I mean scrubbed it all, even the legs!

6. Reorganized and deep cleaned pantry/laundry room.

I also did various other deep cleaning that are too numerous to mention. I still have my room and the girls' rooms to finish up on, as well as the upstairs bathroom.

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Becca said...

and did you come up with that definition of boy? that is hilarious :)
I'm enjoying catching up on your blog!