Monday, May 4, 2009

What did Genna say about her first day of German kindergarten?

"Mom, I didn't learn German yet."

She had a great day, and the teacher said she did fine. Hannah gave her the royal tour when we arrived which was absolutely adorable! She guided Genna through the rules and where everything goes with her dramatic flare. "You can not wear your shoes in here, Genna!" "Here is the bathroom, and that is the boy's side. You can NOT go on that side!" "If you want to color, here is the paper, Genna." And so it went, on and on! Genna barely waved bye to me because the play kitchen was calling her name.

It was so quiet with only Isaac here today. He's still terribly sick and so we are off to the doctor tomorrow (the soonest they could squeeze us in.) He has stopped nursing as well now. So I am pumping and he occasionally takes a bottle. Hopefully, they can help him feel better, but probably it is going to have to run its course.

The sisters before school

Hannah wanted a solo pic too!

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