Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Such Sweet Rewards

Let's be honest, three kids 4 years and under is not easy, especially when one's husband is away for a year! However, there are the moments when they just make you smile or laugh that make it easier, if only for a short time. One of the things that warms my heart (and I am sure all mothers of multiple kids would agree) is when they are playing together and having fun.

Yesterday, I videotaped them all three playing in Isaac's play yard. There is a zipper entry on the side that can be locked if needed. Isaac is just in his diaper because he threw up his dinner all over himself (he's not sick, but it is a complicated story) and I had not gone upstairs to get his jammies yet.

Here's a couple more pictures of Isaac from yesterday.

I can't believe this boy is still bald!

1 comment:

Becca said...

I LOVE the baldness!!! That smile is contagious too!
Was he signing in the video? Caleb used to do "all done" to EVERYTHING (whether meaning "all done" or not). Isaac made me think of that.

And you can really tell he's learning to pay close attention to when mommy speaks the way he turned around real quick when you spoke.

too cute kelle! Enjoy those contented moments!