Friday, April 19, 2013

A Horse Party

Genna was grooming another person's horse because her horse was too feisty to groom.
 The girl's went to a birthday party at a stable.  I was a little shocked that they had the kids each on their own horse which made eleven horses.  They also had the kids help tack up and groom the horse they were to ride.  This seemed a little inefficient to me.  The kids would have been happy to take turns grooming and riding just a few and it would have required fewer people to run the party.  They had teenagers assigned to each horse and child.  Anyway, the girls picked the two horses I would not have picked.  One was described as "energetic" and Genna jumped on that one since she too is energetic.  The one Hannah chose was described as having "attitude" and was accused of making mean faces by showing teeth and laying his ears back.  In retrospect, they got the horses that suited their personalities.

Hannah enjoyed riding on Orion.

Genna is waving from her horse Gulliver.

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