Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cuteness Overload

I am the lucky lady that gets to spend one on one time with this cutie every Saturday morning when his big siblings all go to German school and his daddy goes to work to get some quality study time in.  One on one time is really special around this busy house. 

 This Saturday we went to the American Girl Store to get Genna's birthday gift.  The store is in Virginia at a mall and so it was a bit of a hike.  We took Brian's car since he drops the kids off on his way to work and picks them up on his way home.  I get all the way to the mall and then realize that my stroller is in my van.  Oops!  So this adorable boy had to walk most of the time since carrying him and my bags and Tad was a little much for this wimp.  He did such a great job holding my hand.  I had to carry him a few times, but not for long.

 Drew is quite the window shopper.  He wanted to look at everything!  When we first walked into the American Girl Store, he oohed, aahed, and wowed all over the place.  His attention was mainly on the dolls' pets and their cars, but it was funny to see a boy go so crazy in such a girlie store.  He had the same response in the baby clothes store that we went into.  He also enjoyed some of the mall's displays, the moving pinwheels and the airplane were his favorites.

 We only stayed about an hour because I was not wanting to get too close to nap time and have him fall asleep in the car on the way back.  He got sleepy though and would start to blink.  Then I would say, "Drew, don't you close your eyes!" and he would giggle and squeeze his eyes shut.  Funny boy!

These pictures were all taken when we arrived back at home after our mini adventure.

He's a total handful, but I couldn't love him more!

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